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  • Residential & Rental Property Management

    We are dedicated and focused on delivering the highest quality of customer service when it comes to managing and maintaining your property.

  • Executive Furnished Rentals

    We offer five star furnished executive suites to ensure a comfortable stay

  • Unfurnished Rentals

    We provide quality full service property management for residential properties

  • Buying & Selling Properties

    We specialize in buying & selling your home & investment property


    Present your home in such a way that the next buyers or renters want to make it their home

Calgary's Choice For Property Management & Rentals

Unison Realty provides property management services, condo & home rentals, and other real estate investing / management servicesProperty management and rentals

Unison Realty is a property management company that looks after furnished, unfurnished and executive condo and home rentals and real estate investments. We have served Calgary and areas for over 20 years. If you are a property owner looking to rent out your property, Unison Realty is here to give you peace of mind and the assurance you will receive the highest standard in customer care.

Furnished, Unfurnished & Executive Condo / Home Rentals in Calgary.unfurnished rentals calgary

Our property management company provides our customers with a number of options with furnished rentals, unfurnished rentals and executive suite rental condos and apartments in the Calgary area. Whether you are looking for a furnished luxury home rental for you and your family or a smaller unfurnished rental for your first big move, Unison Realty is here to help you get your dream home.


Furnished Condo and Home Rentals

Unison Realty offers you a number of beautifully laid out furnished rental apartments, condos and family homes. The professional realtors at Unison Realty will help you find the perfect location for you and your family. With the furnished rental option you can settle in immediately to your new surroundings.

Unfurnished Condo and Home Rentals

Unison Realty has a number of locations for you to build your new home. Spacious, bright and warm unfurnished rental options await you. Unison Realty will help you find the perfect rental for you so that you can bring your own touch to right from the beginning. Speak to one of our professionals today.

Executive Condo Rentals

Unison Realty can offer our clients a range of elegant and plush executive suite rentals. The décor and beautiful surroundings will make any of Unison Realty’s suites perfect for you. From stunning open concept to vantage point spaces Unison Realty is here to help you.

Condo & Home Property Management For Landlords

condo rental calgary As your prime property management company we know how time consuming it can be to manage and maintain your property. Unison Realty is dedicated to helping you with any number of issues from initial consultation and pre-screening of applicants to property marketing and promotion. We want to make sure you get the best property management results possible so you can rest easy knowing your condo or home is in good hands.
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Looking To Rent-out Or Rent A Condo Or Home In Calgary?

Are you looking for a property management company to help you with your furnished, unfurnished or executive suite rentals or are you looking for a rental condo or home in Calgary. Speak to Unison Realty.
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